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Home assessment for equipment, aids and adaptations

An occupational therapist can visit you at home to assess your needs.

Why get an assessment?

You may want to have an assessment:

  • if you have a deteriorating medical condition
  • if you think you need several pieces of equipment.

The occupational therapist (OT) visit

An occupational therapist is qualified to assess your needs related to your disability. They can help you find solutions that enable you to live independently or to support your carers. 

The OT will look at things such as: 

  • your mobility around the house
  • how you manage personal and domestic tasks.

In addition, they will consider the needs of those who live with you or care for you.

Adaptions can range from minor works such as rails or a ramp to major alterations such as a bathroom extension or stairlift.

Your options after the assessment

Following an assessment, the occupational therapist will discuss with you options for meeting your needs. This could include:

  • providing equipment
  • advising where you can buy equipment
  • advising on alterations to your home
  • finding alternative ways to carry out day-to-day activities.

Request an assessment

You can request an assessment for yourself, or someone else can request one for you.

A social worker or health professional, such as a doctor or health visitor, may refer you.

Contact us if you need help completing the form or want to learn more about the home assessment.

Request an assessment

Questions about your appointment

Contact us if you have any questions about an appointment booked with one of our occupational therapists.


We cannot access your booking information if your appointment is booked via the NHS, Community Therapy Service or the Mental Health Team.

Equipment clinics

We can refer you for an assessment at an equipment clinic. Oxfordshire County Council occupational therapists run these clinics regularly across Oxfordshire.

An occupational therapist can advise you about options to meet your difficulties. If you are eligible, they may be able to provide you with suitable equipment. 

You'll also get advice and information about other organisations that may help you.

We run clinics across Oxfordshire. Contact us if you would like to attend a clinic.