Emergency school closures

A list of schools that have had to close suddenly because of bad weather or other reasons.

Closures due to coronavirus

Pupils in all schools will return to face-to-face education from 8 March, and attendance will be mandatory once again from this date. Secondary schools may be phasing the return of on-site education in the first week to allow for mass COVID-19 testing.

Some special schools are also operating a phased return for some pupils. 

You should check with your child’s school for their specific arrangements.

Wraparound childcare (including childminders) and other children’s activities can restart from 8 March for all children where it is needed to enable parents or carers to work, seek work, attend education, seek medical care, or attend a support group.

To continue to manage the risks from COVID-19 when all children and students return, schools and early years settings will continue to implement thorough protective measures, in line with government and Public Health England guidance.

Read the latest guidance on attendance in schools and early years and childcare provision:

Local cases and outbreaks of COVID-19 may result in staff and/or pupils needing to self-isolate. This may result in the school needing to restrict on-site attendance temporarily for individual classes or “bubbles”, or having to move all pupils back to remote learning temporarily. Your school will contact you if this is the case.

Any school we are aware of that is currently affected by partial or complete temporary closure is listed below. This information is updated as we receive information directly from schools.

Schools have contact arrangements for when they need to close the school at short notice. Contacts may include bespoke parent mailing systems, text, social media, and the school website.

We encourage schools to notify local radio stations. The following breakfast shows announce school closures.

  • BBC Radio Oxford (95.2 FM)
  • Heart FM (102.6 or 97.4 FM)
  • JACK 2(107.9 FM and DAB)
  • Banbury FM (online @ and smart speaker) 01295 297888 / news@banburyfm.com
  • Jack FM (106.8 FM, 106.4 FM and DAB)
  • Witney Radio (99.9FM).

We rely on schools telling us they are closed. The list below shows schools we know are closed. If there are many schools closed due to adverse weather, it may take us longer to update the list.

If your school is not listed, we recommend that you contact your school. Schools usually show closures on their website.

Schools who have reported a closure today

School Sort ascending Status Reason Closed from Closed to Detail Changed
Pegasus Primary School Part open Covid-19 Tuesday 30 March Monday 19 April The year 5 bubble is closed, pupils will return after the Easter Holidays on Monday 19th April 2021.  Tuesday 30 March
Ducklington Church of England Primary School Part open Covid-19 Monday 22 March Friday 16 April Partial closure  Nursery, Year 1, Year 2 & Year 5 are closed. Year 2 and Year 5 will return to school on Tuesday 30th March.  Nursery and Year 1 will return on 19th April.   Monday 29 March

Schools that have closures planned in the future

There are no reported closures yet