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Moving to Oxfordshire: a guide to school applications

What you need to know if you are moving to Oxfordshire with school-aged children.

Moving from inside the UK

Proof of address

You should provide proof of address with your application. Proof of your new Oxfordshire address will improve your chances of getting the school place you want. 

Documents we accept as proof of address:

  • Solicitor’s letter confirming contracts have been exchanged
  • Tenancy agreement (the page showing details of new address and last page signed by landlord and tenant)
  • New Council Tax demand
  • Letter from new employer (e.g. University college) where accommodation is being provided by them and is tied to the new post/job
  • New Quarter information if this is a military posting with provided accommodation
  • Assignment Order if this is a military posting but the new quarter has not yet been notified.
If your tenancy is for less than six months, this may not be considered as sufficient proof of address for school admission purposes.