Section 38, Section 278 and Private Street Agreements

Road agreements for alterations to an existing road or creation of a new road

The Road Agreements Team are responsible for S38, S278 and private street agreements. They carry out technical auditing, processing of agreements, site inspection and adoption of S38 and S278 works.

Advance Payment Code S220 are noticed, processed and enforced by the Road Agreements Team.

Please be aware that the application fees have increased from £1,500 to £2,150 (from 6 April 2019). Payment for applications are now to be made via BACS, payment details are included on the application forms.

To make a Section 38 or Section 278 submission please download the relevant application form from this page and submit to the Road Agreements Team. The private street submission application form will soon be available to download from here, in the meantime please contact the Road Agreements Team to request the submission requirements.

Applications and accompanying required information and drawings need to be sent to the Road Agreements Team at:

Road Agreements Team
County Hall
New Road

If you have any queries please contact the Road Agreements Team Tel: 01865 815202


  • Application fee – £2,150 is required to enable us to process your application and start the technical auditing process.
  • Inspection fee – 9% of the bond value/cost of works, the application fee is deduced from the inspection fee. This is fee to cover the cost of technical auditing and site inspections.
  • Maintenance fee – also known as Commuted Sum, is for funding the maintenance of new highway assets that the Highways Authority will be adopting and becoming responsible for. This fee is calculated once technical approval has been issued and is index linked.

The Inspection fee and Maintenance fee are due prior to the completion of the legal agreement, when due we will invoice you for their payment. The Application fee is to be paid by BACS, payment details are included on the application forms.

Our Legal Department and other Highway Teams charge for their time and work separately from the Road Agreements Team, those team will be able to confirm their fee structures when you request from them.

Info sheets

Technical phase:

Construction phase:

Adoption phase:

Highway standard details

See more information about the standard details to assist in the design of S38 and S278 highway works and private street works.