Safety cameras

Information about safety cameras in Oxfordshire.

Safety cameras are used to detect traffic offences such as speeding and failing to stop for red lights at traffic signal junctions. A number of different types of cameras are used, but all make a photographic record of the offending vehicles actions at the time the offence was detected. All types of camera are exhaustively checked to ensure that they only activate when an offence is committed.

What types of safety camera are there?

Fixed site cameras are placed in permanent housings at the side of the road (those enforcing speed are marked in yellow). Mobile cameras are housed in vans or on tripods and are moved from site to site. At present average speed cameras - which measure speeding over a length of road rather than just at one point - are not used in the county.

What is the current situation in Oxfordshire?

There are approximately 70 fixed speed camera sites in Oxfordshire, and 5 junctions with red light cameras for which the County Council is responsible for maintenance. The operation of these sites for enforcement is however wholly managed by Thames Valley Police, and any queries relating to offences detected should be directed to the police. Additionally, the police use mobile equipment at a large number of other locations, with sites being prioritised on the basis of the accident record and level of speeding.