Salting, gritting and snow clearance

How we keep roads clear of ice and snow in winter.

We usually salt between 2 November and 5 April.

We are committed to keeping a network of major roads free from ice to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Precautionary salting (sometimes called 'gritting') helps achieve this aim.

Salting/gritting updates

Comments / update

Clear spells through the first half of the night but cloud will start to thicken. Mostly cloudy through the second part of the night but it should remain dry. Brisk south-easterly winds developing.

The information was updated: 5th April 2018  12:00pm

Salting zone Road surface temps below 0°C Action Commencing time am/pm
North zone (Cotswolds) No

No Action

Central zone (Central Oxfordshire)


No Action

South zone (Chilterns and North Wessex Downs) No

No Action

Last salting undertaken on 28th March 2018 Yes Full pre-salt 9pm