Report a pothole on a road or pavement.

Report a pothole online

You can report all potholes, as well as other street problems, through our online reporting tool Fixmystreet.

Please include as much information about the location, size and severity of the pothole as possible, to help us deal with your enquiry. 

Should I report every pothole online?

On a carriageway, potholes may need attention if they are more than 40 millimetres in depth and/or 150 millimetres in width.

On a footway, potholes and trips may require attention if there is a tripping hazard of greater than 20mm.

Please call us on 0345 310 1111 if the pothole is bigger than the sizes above.

How can I tell if someone else has already reported the pothole?

If a pothole has been outlined with paint it has already been inspected by our team and programmed to be fixed, so you don't need to report it.

Fixmystreet will also show you what potholes (and other street problems) have been reported.