Highway searches of ownership

How to find out if land is part of the public highway.

Please note: this page is for highway records only.

We make a charge to all profit-making organisations to provide written highway status information. The current fee is detailed on the scale of charges shown below, but a verbal reply is free of charge.

We are here to help and are happy to advise you, so please contact us.

Just because an area is public highway does not mean that we own it. To find out who owns it, you can contact the Gloucester Office of the Land Registry, and make local enquiries as we can only tell you what the County Council owns.

Requesting a search

To request a search complete the form below providing a plan or drawing clearly showing the area in which you are interested (a marked section of an Ordnance Survey plan is ideal).

If you need to pay a fee we will contact you with payment options before we carry out the search.

Please note: highway search map results are valid for 28 days from the date of reply. Oxfordshire County Council will charge for a follow up or repeat request.


A straightforward request for highway information can be provided in a few working days, however sometimes additional research and site visits may be required so more complicated searches may take longer to provide.

Planning permissions

You should be aware that planning permission, on its own, does not confer a third party right over the public highway.

Important caution

  • You should not put up any structure or carry out any planting on the highway.
  • Rights over the public highway are different from rights over private land; we can advise you further.
  • If you believe the county council's highway records are incorrect, there is a process of appeal.

This form should be used for Highway Record searches only. General enquiries should be made by calling 0345 310 1111 or can be reported on the Fix my street page.