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Highway record map

How to apply for changes to the highway record map (an application for variation).

We are responsible for making and keeping a list of streets in Oxfordshire which are 'highways maintainable at the public expense'. This information is stored as Highway Record Maps

If you have received information from us (Highway records) which you believe is incorrect and you wish to challenge it, we have developed a protocol for you to follow. This lists the type and sources of evidence that you will be required to supply in order for us to assess your application. By following the protocol and completing the application for variation form will ensure that you are able to search for all the evidence available to support your case.

How to apply for a change to the record map

  • Complete the application form above and send it to us at highway.records@oxfordshire.gov.uk with your evidence.
  • You will need to supply copies of all the evidence available at your own cost, even if it does not support your application.
  • Your evidence will be assessed by Highway Records and the county council's Solicitor together with information held in records held at County Hall.

If you disagree with the council's decision

Your next step is to seek a decision from the courts; the costs of any such application must be borne by the applicant.


This will depend on the complexity of the individual application; obviously we will do our utmost to respond to your application in the shortest possible time.

Please note

  • The protocol relates only to those roads and footpaths shown on the highway record maps
  • Footpaths, bridleways etc shown on the Definitive Map are dealt with by Definitive Map and Commons at countryside@oxfordshire.gov.uk. Any queries regarding rights of way should be sent to this address.