Automatic and discretionary exemptions from the School Streets charge

Some vehicles will be permitted to enter the School Street without a charge.


Entering a School Street during the timed road closure can be subject to a penalty notice being issued - some exemptions apply. 

The roads around a school will remain open for people using the following modes of transport while the School Street is in operation: 

  • Walking or wheeling
  • Cycling - including adapted cycles, cargo bikes, pedelecs and e-bikes
  • Kick scooters and e-scooters
  • In a vehicle with a valid exemption

Some vehicles are eligible to enter a School Street. The registered vehicle keepers will need to apply for an exemption


The following vehicles can apply for an exemption from a PCN/fine:

  • A resident’s regular visitor
  • Unregistered carer
  • Registered carer
  • Disabled Blue Badge holder (pupil, parent, carer school staff)
  • Local businesses’ staff within the school street area with a requirement to park.
  • User of private off-street parking accessed within a School Street zone
  • School staff and regular school visitors with a requirement to park onsite


There is no charge for being added to the exemption list.

Applying for an exemption

Apply for an exemption online

Key information

  • Apply at least 10 working days before you intend to enter the School Street to ensure it can be processed before you need to use it.
  • Exempt persons will need to renew their exemption each time they change their vehicle and must allow 48 hours notice for this.
  • It is possible that a PCN may be issued against that vehicle during this time. To challenge a PCN please see ‘Challenging a PCN’ below.
  • If you need to notify the Parking Enforcement team of a change of vehicle on shorter notice, please email
  • Exemptions are digital and you are not required to display a physical permit.
  • An exemption is specific to that School Street and is not transferable. If you need an exemption for multiple School Streets, then you will need to apply for each exemption separately. Each application will be considered individually and getting an exemption for one School Street cannot guarantee that exemption will be granted for other School Streets where exemption is applied for.

Discretionary exemptions

Exemptions may also be granted at the school’s discretion for SEND pupils with mobility or behavioural issues.

Incidents of short-term illness or injury may also be covered at the school’s discretion. Example scenarios include (but are not limited to), a parent needing to pick up a sick child from school, or if a pupil or parent/carer suffers an injury which affects their mobility.

Automatic exemptions

The following vehicles are automatically exempt, and do not need to apply for an exemption:

  • Emergency service vehicles and other public service vehicles such as waste collection. 
  • Hackney carriage taxis
  • School transport vehicles
  • Dial-a-Ride
  • Specialist public passenger transport services
  • Branded/liveried delivery vans registered as commercial vehicles such as Royal Mail, UPS and DPD
  • Road works and utility vehicles undertaking works (including inspection) i.e., street lighting, gas, electricity, water, drainage, and communication services in or adjoining that road.

Non-branded/liveried delivery vehicles, couriers, and general service providers

Non-branded/liveried delivery vehicles, couriers and general service providers are not exempt. Residents and businesses located within a School Street zone are encouraged to organise these deliveries and service visits outside of the School Street’s operational times.

The delivery/service provider driver, or their company, will be responsible for paying any Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) issued against the vehicle.


Barriers and stewards will enforce some streets. Stewards will temporarily move the barrier to allow the vehicle to enter/exit the street. 

Other streets (typically lack a physical barrier) will have an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera checking vehicles entering a School Street during its operational times. Vehicles not registered on the exemption list will be sent a fine.

Challenging a PCN

If you wish to make a representation email The parking enforcement team will check your exemption status.

Other exemptions are different

School Street exemption permits are separate from other traffic or parking schemes such as Controlled Parking Zones and Zero Emission Zone. If you are exempt from another scheme you must apply for a School Street exemption.