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A34 Lodge Hill Interchange

The A34 junction at Lodge Hill, between Abingdon and Oxford, currently has north-facing slip roads only. These interchange improvements will add new south-facing slip roads to the A34, as well as traffic calming on the local network, reprovision of a private road and an upgrade to the Harwell Southbound layby on the A34.

Why we are investing here?

The area will see significant growth in the coming years and investment is needed now so that the transport network can meet the demands that will be placed upon it in the future. This will be done by increasing the junction capacity and overall network performance and resilience.

The project will provide new infrastructure to:

  • optimise the junction capacity at Lodge Hill
  • provide new access and shorter journey times
  • enable new housing in Abingdon of 1,000 homes by 2031
  • support and enable economic growth in wider Science Vale area, increasing opportunities for local people

What you can expect

The A34 Lodge Hill scheme will include the following key construction elements:

  • New south-facing slip roads
  • Reprovision of a private road
  • Harwell Southbound layby upgrades on the A34
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities through shared footpaths as well as controlled and uncontrolled crossings.
  • Localised traffic calming works


Previous public consultation activity

In March 2021, we engaged with stakeholders through a public consultation on the initial design and layout of the scheme, which included a survey asking for comments and feedback.

Where the project is today

As a result of the first consultation, and the feedback we received, we undertook a review of the scheme before progressing to the next stage. We looked at incorporating more active travel elements to provide more sustainable travel options for people living near to and using the network.

The preferred junction layout is based on a “Dumb-bell” configuration (one bridge, two roundabouts).

Some of the things we have changed/updated following feedback from the last consultation include:

  1. Extension of shared footway/cycleway on the eastern length of the A4183 (south of southern roundabout) to provide a continuous cycle link.
  2. Inclusion of an uncontrolled crossing and island on the A4183 (near to the garages) to the south of the southern roundabout. Between the north and southbound bus laybys.
  3. Extension of the shared footway/cycleway across the western length of the southern roundabout.
  4. Inclusion of a Toucan Crossing on the A34 slip road. Traffic modelling undertaken has confirmed that a Toucan Crossing at this location is acceptable.
  5. Inclusion of a Side Road Priority for cyclists across the northern and southern roundabouts’ pond access.
  6. Speed limit reduction from 50mph to 40 mph.

Minimising the impact

Traffic management plans will be developed in order to minimise disruption and keep vehicles flowing during the works. We will coordinate the work to minimise the impact on the network as far as is practical. Further details of this will be available closer to construction.

How it is being funded

The scheme is being funding through a combination of Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and Growth Deal funding and Section 106 contributions from developers. 

Next steps

The A34 Lodge Hill Interchange Scheme is being developed in Phases. Phase One currently consists of submitting a planning application which was submitted in early October. You can view and comment on the planning application.

The traffic calming works will also be delivered within Phase One and are planned for Autumn/Winter 2022.

Contact us

If you would like to know more, you can contact us by email: lodgehill@oxfordshire.gov.uk

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