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Give us your views on roads and transport

Help us to improve our services in Oxfordshire by telling us what you think.

About the survey

Oxfordshire is taking part in a nationwide survey on public satisfaction with transport and road services.

We're asking for your views on:

  • accessibility
  • highways maintenance
  • public transport
  • road safety
  • tackling congestion
  • walking and cycling
  • business users.

The surveys are independent and have been created for the National Highways and Traffic Network (NHTN). Feel free to take part in one or all of them. Each survey will only take a few minutes.

The answers you give will:

  • help us to understand how you feel about our service
  • inform decisions about roads, cycling, bus services and public transport in Oxfordshire.

The surveys are anonymous. The only details we ask are for demographic purposes, for example, your age range.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just moved to the area, or if you don’t pay Council Tax, we want to hear from a wide range of people.

The survey will close at the end of February 2023.


Are you satisfied with the provision of things like safe crossing points and dropped kerbs for pushchairs and wheelchairs in Oxfordshire? How easy are buses to get on and off? These are the types of things you can tell us about in the accessibility survey

Complete the accessibility survey

Highways maintenance

Tell us what you think of the condition of Oxfordshire's roads, street lighting, cleanliness and much more.

Complete the highways maintenance survey

Public transport

If you use any form of public transport, from buses to taxis or even community transport, we want to hear what you think of the service. Are you kept well enough informed? Are they reliable?

Complete the public transport survey

Road safety

Road safety is important to us so what you tell us in this survey will help to determine our priorities in the future. Are you satisfied with road safety in Oxfordshire? Do we deal with potholes and gritting quickly enough?

Complete the road safety survey

Tackling congestion

We understand traffic levels and congestion in Oxfordshire can be an issue. Do you feel there's too much pollution in Oxfordshire? Do we do enough to reduce traffic delays? Do we complete roadworks in good time?

Complete the traffic congestion survey

Walking and cycling

If you prefer to walk or cycle around town, now's your chance to tell us if our pavements and paths are up to scratch; if cycle lanes are suitable or signposts for pedestrians are adequate?

Complete the walking and cycling survey

Business survey

As a business in Oxfordshire, you can tell us about all the above in one survey. Providing your views on all of these topics will help to improve transport links and services in Oxfordshire, leading to better business opportunities

Complete the business survey

Giving us more detail

If you want to make any further comments and suggestions or provide extra detail in support of your answers, please contact the council's Highways Team.

More information

Find out more information on the Measuring Public Satisfaction web page