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Cycle training for children

Training to help children aged nine and over to develop the skills needed to cycle in traffic.

Cycle training is important as it enables children to develop the skills needed to cope with moving traffic and to become aware of other road users.

About the training

The training takes place in our primary schools. The training is free to both the schools and the child. It is funded by our road safety budget and is made possible by the volunteer tutors giving their services free of charge.

The training starts off road, most likely on a school playground, to make sure the child has good control of the cycle. It then progresses to on road sessions which deal with starting, stopping, left and right turns, and overtaking a vehicle. The children also study the Highway Code.

It normally takes around eight hours and is flexible to fit into the school time table. Usually it is spread over one and half hour sessions once or twice a week.

More information

You can find out more information about cycle training on our 365alive website.