Cycle training

Details of our practical training programme on the road.

Cycle training for children

The training is designed to help children aged nine and over to develop the skills needed to cycle in moving traffic. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact us

Where the training is and how much it costs

Cycle training takes place in our county primary schools. The training is free to both the schools and the child. It is funded by our road safety budget and is made possible by the volunteer tutors giving their services free of charge.

Contact your head teacher if you are interested in your child taking the course, or if you would like to be involved as a volunteer with the cycle training programme.

Some sports centres offer cycle training in school holidays, for which there is a charge. For example, Kidlington and Gosford Leisure Centre, Kidlington.

Who carries out the training

The training is carried out by volunteer tutors who have been trained by qualified staff.

How long it takes

Training takes a minimum of six 1.5-hour sessions. The school fits this into the school timetable, possibly doing one or two sessions a week.

What the child learns

The training starts off-road, probably on a school playground, to make sure the child has good control of their bike. The on-road sessions deal with starting, stopping, left and right turns and overtaking a vehicle. Your child will also study the Highway Code.

About testing and booking the test

The test is in two parts. Firstly, a Highway Code test usually done by the volunteers. The second part is the road test, to demonstrate that the child can start, stop, and do the left and right turns safely in traffic. This is done by the county's examiners.

Schools please go to to book the test.

What equipment is needed?