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Impact of Botley Road roadworks

During the closure of Botley Road due to roadworks, Seacourt Park and Ride will still operate. The service will terminate at Osney Island where you are able to get off the bus and walk into the city or pick up a bus transfer nearby. 

Please see the Oxford Bus Company website for information.

For alternative Park and Ride sites, use Redbridge Park and Ride, Pear Tree Park and Ride or Oxford Parkway Park and Ride

Seacourt park and ride - OX2 0HP

Located off the A420 from Swindon and Bath, to the west Oxford on the Botley Road (number 400 bus).

Seacourt park and ride is run by Oxford City Council. Separate charges apply to parking and bus (number 400).

Parking charges at Seacourt

You must pay for a ticket within 10 minutes of arrival.

Normal parking charges apply for vehicles using the charge point

Cash using the pay machines on site:

  • 0-1 hour: Free
  • 1-16 hours: £2
  • 16-24 hours: £4
  • 24-48 hours: £8
  • 48-72 hours: £12

On your mobile or online with a credit/debit card

Pay online via RingGo, or to pay by phone call 01865 989000 and register with RingGo. Charges are:

  • 0-1 hour: Free
  • 1-16 hours: £2
  • 16-24 hours: £4
  • 24-48 hours: £8
  • 48-72 hours: £12
  • 28 days: £30 (includes text reminder 24 hours before expiry)

You will need to use the RingGo location code 3918 for Seacourt.

If you have registered with RingGo at any other location, you need not register again.

Pay for Seacourt parking online

More details about parking charges can be found on the Oxford City website.

Park + Bus

You can pay for parking and a day return bus ticket using the machines onsite. For car parking and one traveller £4. For car parking and two adults £5. Up to three children (under 16) can also travel using either of the Park + Bus ticket options.

You must enter your complete vehicle registration when buying a ticket. You do not have to display the ticket in your vehicle; it can be presented to the driver for travel on the bus.

RingGo location code for Seacourt Park + Bus: 551002 (only available through the RingGo App)

  • 0-1 hour: free
  • 1-16 hours: £2
  • 16-24 hours: £4
  • 24-48 hours: £8
  • 48-72 hours: £12
  • 28 days: £30 includes text reminder 24 hours before expiry

Pay by phone

This car park accepts payment by RingGo, our chosen pay-by-phone parking provider. Just call 01865 989000 or download the RingGo App. More information on RingGo.

  • Location code for Seacourt Park and Ride: 3918
  • Location code for Seacourt Park + Bus: 551002 (RingGo App only)

Pay automatically

You can now pay automatically at Seacourt using the Hozah system.

Hozah is a fully automated parking payment system which detects when drivers enter and leave the car park and then charges you automatically.

Bus travel is not included with any Hozah session.

Facilities and information

  • Disabled parking
  • Bus shelter
  • No maximum stay - pay for multiple days
  • Lost property 01865 252489
  • Total bays: 786
  • Disabled bays: 8
  • Parent and child bays: 0


Bus timetable, route and bus ticket queries 

Contact Oxford Bus Company

Car parking queries

Contact the Car Parks Team:

Height restrictions

Seacourt has a height restriction of 2.2 metres (7ft 3 inches).

Information for parking lorries, coaches, caravans and motorhomes which exceed this height is available below:

Bus fares, bus number and stops

You will need to get the number 400 park and ride bus run by Oxford Bus Company.

Getting here

Seacourt (OX2 0HP) - located off the A420 from Swindon and Bath, to the west of the city on the Botley Road.


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