Oxford Parkway park and ride (formerly Water Eaton) - OX2 8HA

North of Oxford and next to Oxford Parkway train station, 12 minutes from the city centre (500 bus).

Oxford Parkway railway station is a next to Oxford Parkway park and ride.

Oxford Parkway park and ride and ride is run by Oxfordshire County Council. Separate charges apply to parking and bus (number 500).

Parking charges

You must enter your vehicle registration number when buying a ticket.

Parking only

Separate charges apply for bus fare - this is payable to the bus driver.

Time Cost
Up to 1 hour Free
Up to 11 hours £2
11-24 hours £4
24-48 hours £8
48-72 hours £12
Over 72 hours £100 excess charge
Disabled Blue Badge Free

Payment is required within 10 minutes of arrival. There is no need to display your receipt/ticket in your vehicle.

To use a disabled parking bay a valid Blue Badge must be displayed.

How to pay for parking

  • Cash or card at pay points near the terminal building
  • Online at www.myringgo.co.uk
  • Mobile phone:  01865 989000 Location code 3925 or download the RingGo APP

Season ticket information

We have reduced our season ticket prices and in addition to this our existing and new customers will now have the flexibility of using any of Oxford’s five park and ride sites. These are; Peartree, Seacourt, Redbridge, Thornhill and Oxford Parkway (formerly Water Eaton).

Depending on how frequently you use the park and ride there are different options you can choose for purchasing season tickets.

From the 1 April the prices are:

  • A monthly pass (which covers 31 days from the start date) for £30
  • A quarterly pass (covers 93 days from the start date) for £85
  • An annual pass (covers 365 days from the start date) for £300

The ticket prices are calculated on the basis of a 5-day week and weekends are included in the tickets free of charge:*

*Please note that the 72-hour maximum still applies if you buy a season ticket. Cars staying for longer than 72 hours will be subject to an excess charge of £100.

Buy a season ticket online.

Contact the City Council Car Park Team on 01865 252489 or carparks@oxford.gov.uk

Using a different car

If you need to use a different car for the day you will need to make a separate payment. Changes to an existing Season Ticket is subject to a £15 administration charge.

If you wish to permanently use a different car, change the registration with the Car Park Team email carparks@oxford.gov.uk . This will be subject to a £15 administration charge.

Combined ticket for parking and bus travel

The combined ticket is for parking and bus travel into Oxford city centre only.

You can pay for parking and a return bus ticket into Oxford for two adults and up to three children for £6.80 (made up of £2 car parking for a maximum stay of 11 hours and £4.80 bus fare).

There is a dedicated machine for these tickets located at each Park and Ride. You can make payments with coins or a card. 

Payment is required within 10 minutes of arrival. There is no need to display your receipt/ticket in your vehicle but it should be presented to the driver for travel on the bus.

A combined ticket does not service hospital routes, only travel into the City Centre. If the machine is out of action then you can purchase your discounted ticket of £4.80 from the bus driver directly and pay £2 for your parking using either another machine or via RingGo.

Facilities and information

  • Disabled parking
  • Waiting room
  • Long stay parking (up to 72 hours)
  • Long stay coach parking
  • Lost property 0345 337 1138
  • Total bays: 758
  • Disabled bays: 29
  • Contact us

View real-time space availability.

Opening hours of terminal building

Day Time
Monday to Saturday 6.30am - 8pm
Sunday Closed

Height restrictions

Oxford Parkway park and ride has a height restriction of 2.1 metres (6ft 11 inches).

Tall vehicles can be parked but you will need to ask a security guard to open the barrier to allow you in. The gate can only be opened whilst the security patrols are on site (see the table above for opening hours).

Information for parking lorries, coaches, caravans and motorhomes which exceed this height is available below:

Bus fares, bus number and stops

You will need to get the number 500 park and ride bus run by Oxford Bus Company.

Getting here

Oxford Parkway park and ride (OX2 8HA) - this site is located to the north of the city and can be accessed from the A40 (from Witney and Cheltenham), A4260 (from Kidlington), A34 (from Banbury, Bicester and Northampton) and the M40.


Oxford Road

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