Bus pass photo guidance

Advice on taking a suitable photograph for a bus pass application.

When you apply for a bus pass you will need a suitable passport-style photograph which will appear on your pass. We can't accept applications without a suitable photograph.

If the photograph is not suitable, we will contact you to request another photograph. We will not refund the cost of obtaining a suitable photograph.


Official guidelines state a ‘passport style’ photo is acceptable: this refers to the size (45 x 35mm) and look of the photo.

Photographs which would not be acceptable for the strict passport rules are likely to be acceptable for your pass, for example, a photograph of you smiling is fine for your pass. A doctored holiday snap, however, would not be acceptable.

The photograph should be less than six months old, and should be in colour. Black and white photos will not be accepted and will result in your application being put on hold.

Applying online

If you apply online for a bus pass you can use your webcam or upload a suitable photograph. You will have the opportunity to edit the photograph using the online system.

If you want to apply online, but can't do it from home, you can use a public computer, webcam and scanner at a participating library.