Bus pass photo guidance

Advice on taking a suitable photograph for a bus pass application.

When you apply for a bus pass you will need a suitable passport-style photograph which will appear on your pass. We can't accept applications without a suitable photograph.

If the photograph is not suitable, we will contact you to request another photograph. We will not refund the cost of obtaining a suitable photograph.

An acceptable photograph must be:

  • a close-up photo of the head and shoulders of the badge-holder
  • in colour
  • taken within the last six months
  • with no one else visible.

View photo guidance.

Applying online

If you apply online for a bus pass you can use your webcam or upload a suitable photograph. You will have the opportunity to edit the photograph using the online system.

If you want to apply online, but can't do it from home, you can use a public computer, webcam and scanner at a participating library.