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The Oxfordshire Comet

Our bookable transport service for those who can't access suitable public transport.

COVID-19 Comet roadmap

Timeline of changes

As the Government eases the rules around local COVID-19 restrictions, we would like to inform you of how your Comet Service will slowly head towards normality once more. Please see below the timeline of changes:

19 July onwards

In line with the Government guidance, full service will resume.  Full bus capacity for individual and group bookings will be available.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the service however, we wish to do so in a safe way.  Please continue to follow the following guidance:

  • Wear a face covering at all times (unless you are exempt)
  • Maintain good hand hygiene, wash your hands before boarding the bus
  • Be aware that windows may be opened to increase ventilation, which may cause a draught
  • Do not use the service if you show symptoms of coronavirus, have tested positive, or have been advised to self-isolate

What is it?

It is a not-for-profit service, set up to allow people without suitable access to public transport to make the journeys they want.

The Oxfordshire Comet can be booked for any type of trip. Whether it’s to meet friends in town, travel across the county, attend an appointment or pop to the shops. The service is available 10am - 2pm Monday to Friday (not bank holidays).

It’s easy to book, with a pre-paid account that can be set up on the phone.

Your vehicles, not ours

The Oxfordshire Comet uses vehicles that normally take children to school and adults to day care centres. We identified the times of the day when they weren’t being used and are making them available to you so that you can make the journeys you want. Because we already own these vehicles, we only have to cover running costs, meaning we can keep costs down for our passengers.

Who is it for?

Oxfordshire residents who don’t have access to suitable public transport, wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.

It can be booked by

  • individuals
  • groups
  • schools
  • organisations
  • local communities.

At your service

We can do one-off journeys, regular and group trips. We can also offer regular routes for local communities (similar to a bus route) that do not have access to existing public transport.

The 16-seater vehicles are fully wheelchair and pushchair accessible, and our friendly drivers are only too happy to help. Just let us know if you need some extra assistance getting on or off the Comet, or with carrying shopping inside.

Options for travel


  • Exclusive use – you will have sole use of the vehicle and can bring up to 15 companions with you.
  • Shared travel – if you don’t mind travelling with others and can be flexible about what day you travel, we will try to match your journey with other bookings in your area to reduce the price. You can also bring a companion (or your children) with you, free of charge.

Organisations / groups

We can do one-off or regular group trips, or set up a regular route for a community, similar to a bus service. We charge a different rate for groups, so please call to discuss the service you want and we will give you a quote.

Register before you book


  • call 01865 323201 to register and we’ll create an account for you
  • there is a one off registration fee of £3 and we will send you a membership card
  • buy credit for your account to make future journeys.
  • pay over the phone (credit/debit cards) to top up your account:
Free credit
Amount Free credit
£10 top up -
£50 top up £5 free credit
£100 top up  £10 free credit


  • call 01865 323201 to register and we’ll create an account for you
  • there is a one off registration fee of £3 and we will send you a membership card
  • we will provide a quote for the trip(s)
  • you can pay by invoice after you travel.

How to book?

Once you’ve registered, book a trip by calling 01865 323201 (9am – 12pm  Monday to Friday).
Just tell us where to pick you up and where you want to go. 

If you are using our shared travel service, make sure you ring at least 24 hours before you want to travel.  we would advise you to ring the week before for shared travel, as the earlier you ring for a shared service the more likely it is that we will be able to do your journey.

The service runs 10am - 2pm Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays).


We’re charging passengers to cover running costs, not to make profit, meaning we can keep prices to a minimum. Costs will vary based on the length of the journey and which travel option you choose.

Indicative costs

  • Exclusive use - 5 mile journey from £8.50
  • Shared travel - 5 mile journey from £4.25
  • Group bookings - minimum of £25 per hour to cover our basic costs.

When you book we will always let you know the maximum amount we will charge.

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