How and where to use a Blue Badge

How the scheme works and where you can park in Oxfordshire.

How the badge works

The badge is issued to the person not the vehicle so it can be used for whichever car the disabled person is travelling in.

You should display the Blue Badge where it can be clearly read through the windscreen of your vehicle. The badge should be displayed with the photograph down.

With a Blue Badge you can park free of charge:

  • in disabled bays for an unlimited time
  • on single/double yellow lines (providing a loading/unloading ban is not in force) for up to three hours. Please ensure your clock is displayed
  • in time-restricted bays/permit bays (including residents permit bays) in Oxford for an unlimited time
  • In on-street Pay & Display bays in Oxford for an unlimited time without payment
  • in residents' parking schemes in Abingdon, Bicester and Henley for as long as you like

In addition some district car parks have spaces for disabled parking. Find out more information on your district council website, see below.

You can also use your badge within any UK county and in EU countries. There are no current arrangements for you to use your badge outside the European Union, in countries such as the USA, Australia or Canada.

If you are a visitor from abroad, you can use your disabled parking badge in Oxfordshire.