Requesting a suspension of parking controls

How to ask for parking controls to be suspended for work, house moves or special events.

What a parking suspension is

A parking suspension is where parking controls for waiting, parking and loading are suspended and space is reserved for a particular purpose. For example:

  • traffic movement and safety
  • essential building and maintenance works
  • furniture removals
  • filming
  • special events
  • weddings or funerals.

A parking space cannot be suspended for preferential or convenience parking.

Charges for suspensions

The charge for a parking suspension is £38 + VAT per six-metre space (one car space) on the first day and £15 + VAT per six-metre space for each additional consecutive day.

For example, if you want to suspend three parking bays for one day (up to 18m in total) the cost will be £114 + VAT for a single day. The same three bays for four days would be £114 + VAT for the first day, plus £45 + VAT for each consecutive day. A total of £249 + VAT.

The suspension of 'pay and display' bays will incur additional charges to recover loss of income, at the hourly rate applicable for each pay and display bay that requires suspending. If appropriate, the evening charge will also be applied.

We offer a discount of 50 per cent to community events with an estimated attendance of 15,000 or fewer. Please contact the parking team if you are planning an event where bay suspensions are required.

For bay suspensions requested for funerals, the hearse and chief mourners’ vehicles at the funeral will incur no charge.

No refund will be given if applicants cancel their request for the parking bay suspension fewer than five days before the date the suspension is due to commence.

Notice period

You must give us at least ten working days' notice if you wish to suspend a parking bay so that we can:

  • check the bay's location
  • approve your request
  • warn other users of the forthcoming suspension.

In exceptional circumstances, we may accept emergency applications up to five working days before the suspension date.

Once we have approved your parking bay suspension, we will contact you for payment, which can be made by debit or credit card.

How to apply

You can apply to suspend a parking bay using our online form. We aim to assess your request within two working days. Please contact the parking team if you are planning a larger-scale event where bay suspensions are required.

Terms and conditions

  1. The standard length of a parking bay is recognised for these purposes as 6m and requests will be rounded up to the closest 6m length (e.g. 15m will be rounded to 18m).
  2. Suspensions are considered up to a maximum of four weeks. If a longer suspension is required the applicant must apply for temporary traffic regulation order.
  3. Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of the parking bay area specified in the bay suspension and be there for loading or unloading only unless a contractors permit has been issued.
  4. Advance warning notices will be at the location requested before the suspension starts, but we cannot guarantee the area will be kept clear.
  5. Only in exceptional circumstances will disabled badge holder bays, taxi bays or bus stops be suspended or suspensions take place over bank holidays.
  6. You do not get a discount if you require the suspension only for certain hours during the day but it is useful to tell us so we can allow others to park outside those hours.
  7. We try to suspend parking spaces as close to your requested location as we can, but in some cases, they can be up to 75 metres away.
  8. The suspensions are not granted to provide somewhere for vehicles to park, however, if there is a genuine operational need, you will also need to apply for a contractors permit for all vehicles which park within the bay.
  9. Each bay suspension expires at midnight.
  10. A suspension may be extended provided Parking Services receives at least 5 working days notice. Failure to give sufficient notice may require a new application to be made.
  11. If we cannot put the suspension in place, we will try to make an alternative arrangement with you or arrange a full refund.
  12. No refund shall be provided to the applicant should they cancel their request for the parking bay suspension less than 5 days before the date the suspension was due to commence.
  13. Bay suspensions will not be implemented until payment or a Purchase Order has been received.

We cannot guarantee the area can be kept clear because of other motorists choosing to park in it.

I accept the terms and conditions and I apply for a parking suspension