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Residents parking information for students

Information for students moving to a controlled parking zone.

To apply for a parking permit, your vehicle must be registered in your name at the address within the zone you are applying for. You'll need:

  • proof of address
  • the vehicle registration certificate (V5C).

Being the named driver on an insurance policy or a lease agreement that is in another person's name will not qualify you for a parking permit.

Proof of address

You can use one of the following documents.

  • Your fully signed termed tenancy agreement (should be signed by yourself, the letting agency and witnessed)
  • Your Council Tax student exemption certificate
  • A recently dated utility bill or financial statement.

Do not apply if you cannot provide the correct documentation as your permit application may be rejected. The below points will help you to submit a successful application:

  • Tenancy agreements must be on headed paper from a letting agent
  • Tenancy agreements must be signed by the permit applicant AND the landlord
  • We cannot accept lodger agreements or privately drawn-up rental agreements
  • Proof of address such as utility bills must be dated within three months and have the date clearly visible on it
  • Proof of address must be the same address as the one on the application. We cannot accept proof of address for a different address
  • V5C must be registered to the name of the person applying for the permit
  • V5C must be registered at the address of the person applying for the permit
  • Please ensure documents are fully visible with all dates and headers clearly visible when uploaded

What do you want to do?

Apply for a new resident’s parking permit

Apply for visitor permits

The vehicle log book (V5C)

The log book (V5C) needs to be registered under the applicant’s name who is applying for the permit and registered at the address of the applicant who is applying.

Oxford has a high mobile population, so residents are already competing for the limited parking space, with approximately one parking space available per house frontage, or even less when private entrances need to be kept clear. Therefore, some restraint is needed to ration the limited parking space available.

Other areas of the country may have different permit criteria; however, this is how the scheme operates in Oxfordshire.

No student discount

There are no reduced fees or discounts for students.

The current address is different

If the current address on the V5C is different from the one you are applying for, you can still complete a form one month in advance of taking up occupancy.

We will accept a fully signed tenancy agreement or confirmation from a letting agency that you will be residing at the address for which a permit is being applied.  

The proof of address must be in the name and the address of the applicant for which the permit is being applied. 

Halls of residence

It is common practice for colleges and universities to create student halls of residence as car-free developments; therefore, they are excluded from permit eligibility.

Tenants should check that they do not breach their tenancy agreement if they choose to bring a vehicle into the city.

Multiple permits at one address

Different zones have different allocation rules and permits are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis per address.

Refunds for less than 12 months of occupancy

Notify us when you move out of your property, this will allow new occupants of your address to apply for permits.

If there is more than one month left on your permit, you will be eligible for a refund on the unexpired months.

If you are applying now for a permit and know you will not be at the address for 12 months, please set a reminder to contact our team once you have moved out.