Change the vehicle on your parking permit

Applying to change the vehicle on a resident parking permit in Oxford.

When to apply

You can only change your permit if the current vehicle is in your name and the new vehicle is  going to be in your name. There is no charge for changing your permit.

You will need the following:

  1. An email address. Need help setting one up?
  2. Scanned image or photo of:
  • your current permit destroyed by cutting this in half
  • vehicle registration certificate (V5C) in your name (front and second page only).  

East Oxford (EO), Divinity Road (DV), Magdalen Road North (MN) or Iffley Fields (FS)

If the permit is for EO, DV, MN or FS your V5C certificate needs to be registered at that address.

No V5C

If you do not yet have the V5C the following documents are accepted:

  • Most recent vehicle tax reminder letter addressed to you (and at the property for which you are applying if you are in the EO, DV or MN CPZ).
  • If you purchased the vehicle in the last six weeks then a garage sales invoice or New Keeper Supplement (V5C2) will suffice. 

Company car

If your vehicle is a company car please refer to point 2.4 of our explanatory notes (pdf format, 345Kb) which advises what is required.

Use a visitor permit

You will need to use your visitor permits in the new vehicle while you wait to receive your new permit.

Unable to upload proof

Complete the form anyway and we will let you know where to send your documents.