Change the vehicle on your parking permit

Applying to change the vehicle on a resident parking permit in Oxford.

Delay in posting permits

There are currently delays in posting permits due to coronavirus. Follow our guidance during these delays.

Providing copies of your documents

If you are unable to upload your documents to your application form yourself, please ask a family member or friend if they can send your supporting documents on your behalf.

During the National Lockdown, our libraries are providing a limited service and are unable to validate documents during this time. Also, please do not send your documents via the post, as large numbers of council staff have been told to work from home from now onwards in line with the Government’s strategy on coronavirus, therefore we are unable to access physical post at the moment.

When to apply

You can only change your permit if the current vehicle is in your name and the new vehicle is going to be in your name. There is no charge for changing your permit.

What you will need

When you change the vehicle on your parking permit, you will be asked to provide the following documents to support your application.

  • proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • your current permit destroyed by cutting it in half.

The quickest way of providing this information to us is to upload it when making the application. You can upload a photo or a scanned image from your computer, smartphone, tablet or scanner.

If you do not have the current permit and are therefore unable to cut it in half, please email us to obtain a list of documents we accept as alternatives. Our email address is

Proofs of registered keeper of the vehicle we accept

The proof that you will be asked to provide will depend on your vehicle ownership type. You need to provide one or more of the following.

  • Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) in your name (front and second page only).
  • If you have recently purchased the vehicle (in the last six weeks) then a garage sales invoice or New Keeper Supplement (V5C2) will suffice.
  • Most recent vehicle tax reminder letter addressed to you (and at the property for which you are applying if you are in the EO, DV, MN, FS, WF, RH, HT or CM CPZ).

If the permit is for East Oxford (EO), Divinity Road (DV), Magdalen Road North (MN), Iffley Fields (FS), Wood Farm (WF), Magdalen Road and Howard Street (RH), Holloway (HT) or Cowley Marsh (CM) your V5C certificate needs to be registered at that address

Company car

If your vehicle is a company car a letter must be produced on company headed paper in the with the following text:

This to confirm that 'applicant’s name' is a full-time employee of 'company name' and is supplied with 'vehicle make/model/registration number' for his/her sole business and social use. The vehicle is used essentially for the operational purpose of conducting official company business from the Oxford area.

Unable to upload documents

If you are unable to upload your documents to the form, you should continue and send the application. However, you will then need to either; return to the form later to upload your documents, or take your reference number and documents to one of the libraries below to be validated.

You will also need an email address to complete the application. Need help setting one up?  

Apply to change the vehicle on your parking permit

Use a visitor permit

You will need to use your visitor permits in the new vehicle while you wait to receive your new permit.