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Vehicle removal

Reasons why your car may have been removed, and how to get it back.

Your vehicle may be removed if it is:

  • parked in a position likely to cause danger to other road users, including at or near a junction
  • parked in a way that may cause obstruction to emergency services, traffic or pedestrians
  • parked in a way which causes obstruction of bus lanes, bus stops, suspended parking bays, disabled people’s spaces or access to private property
  • parked on an urban or no-stopping clearway during peak periods
  • parked during the hours of a loading ban, or at other times on a waiting restriction without loading or unloading being apparent.

Persistent evaders (those who do not pay their parking ticket charges) and persistent offenders (those who pay, but regularly commit offences/contraventions) may also have their vehicles removed.

What you should do if your vehicle is removed

If your car was parked in an Oxford City Council owned car park or in West Oxfordshire, contact either Thames Valley Police on 101 or the local district council for advice:

Wheel clamping

We do not clamp vehicles. If your vehicle has been clamped, you should find contact details attached to your vehicle.