Bus lanes and bus gates

The locations of bus-only gates and lanes in Oxford, and fines issued to motorists.

Bus lane camera enforcement was introduced to Oxford city centre to ease traffic congestion and reduce the journey times for buses.

Penalty charge notices (PCNs)

Motorists who contravene the regulations will be recorded by roadside cameras. If enforcement officers believe that a contravention has occurred, a fine - or penalty charge notice (PCN) - will be served to the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle by post.

If you're issued with a fine

The PCN is served at the statutory charge of £60 but discounted to £30 if paid within the first 14 days.

Bus gates

Bus gates are part of a road letting mainly buses through.

The bus gates are on High Street, Castle Street, George Street and Magdalen Street.

More detailed maps of each of the bus lane camera enforcement zones can be found below:

Who is allowed to drive in bus lanes and through bus gates?

Bus lanes

Only buses ie.vehicles registered as PCVs, cycles, private hire vehicles, taxis and exempt emergency vehicles are allowed to travel in bus lanes

Bus gates

Each of the four city centre bus gates have different restrictions:

Bus gate Time Vehicle types allowed through the gate
High Street 7.30am – 6.30pm Local buses, taxis/licensed private hire (not private rental) and exempt emergency vehicles only
6.30pm – 7.30am Any vehicle type allowed.
Castle Street All day (24 hours) Local buses and exempt emergency vehicles only. Taxis/Private hire vehicles are allowed through between 7am-7pm (due to an experimental Traffic Regulation Order – this is not currently a permanent exemption)
George Street 10am – 6pm Local buses, taxis/licensed private hire (not private rental), exempt emergency vehicles only.
6pm – 10am Access for loading allowed.
Magdalen Street All day (24 hours) Local buses, taxis/licensed private hire (not rental) and exempt emergency vehicles only

Please note that 'exempt vehicle' means any:

  • vehicle in the service of or employed by the fire, police or ambulance services when on an emergency call
  • police vehicle on patrol.