LTP4 - Policy and overall strategy

Information about the strategy including summaries

Our current Local Transport Plan, Connecting Oxfordshire, was agreed by full council in September 2015, following public consultation on the draft plan earlier that year. The plan was updated in 2016 in order to strengthen the emphasis on improving air quality and making better provision for walking and cycling.

The current Local Transport Plan was developed to ensure that the county’s transport systems are fit to support population and economic growth and aims to give Oxfordshire the best chance of success when bidding for funding to deliver transport projects to support new development.

We are currently working to update our Local Transport Plan. We are calling the updated strategy the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP), to better reflect our strategy both for digital infrastructure and for connecting the whole county.

We are developing and consulting upon the LTCP in 2 stages. This process will allow for ongoing public engagement and feedback at each stage of the project. The first stage is the production of a vision document, which went out to public consultation in February 2021.

Consultation on the full LTCP document is anticipated in Autumn 2021, before approval and adoption in winter 2021/22. We will provide further progress updates on this webpage.