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About our low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs)

Information about our low traffic neighbourhoods scheme in Cowley and east Oxford.

About the LTNs

As part of our county-wide Active Travel Strategy (pdf format, 420Kb), we are implementing low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in two locations in Oxford: Cowley and east Oxford.

An LTN is an area where motorised traffic is prevented from taking shortcuts through a residential area. This creates quieter and safer streets where residents may feel more comfortable when making local journeys by cycling, wheeling or on foot.

All roads remain accessible, but drivers may have to find alternative routes instead of cutting through some streets.

The LTN schemes in Cowley and east Oxford have been implemented through experimental traffic regulation orders (ETRO), following public consultation. ETROs are used when it is difficult to assess the impacts of a scheme beforehand, but the cost of implementation is relatively low.

The experimental phase allows residents, businesses and other interested parties to see for themselves the impact of the scheme in their neighbourhood, and the council to monitor traffic flows, air quality, changes in people’s perception, and shifts in their mode of travel.

The schemes also allow us to trial different types of measures for preventing shortcuts for motorised vehicles, including planters and bollards.

Where are we now?

Following an 18-month trial, the county council’s cabinet made the decision in the meeting 19 July 2022 that the Cowley low traffic neighbourhoods would remain in place.

The council committed to undertake additional community and stakeholder engagement to further refine the scheme, with any changes to be implemented in spring 2023.

The experimental trial of the east Oxford low-traffic neighbourhoods is ongoing. Public consultation on the scheme was open from 20 May until 30 November 2022.

Next steps for the scheme will be decided by the county council’s cabinet later in 2023. 


East Oxford LTNs are in Divinity Road, St Clement's, and St Mary's areas.

Cowley LTNs are in Temple Cowley, Church Cowley, and Florence Park areas.

LTN filter locations (pdf format, 664 Kb)