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Local Transport Plan 4

Information about Local Transport Plan 4.

Our previous local transport plan (LTP4) was agreed upon by the full council in September 2015, following public consultation on the draft plan earlier that year.

The plan was updated in 2016 to strengthen the emphasis on improving air quality and making better provisions for walking and cycling. LTP4 has now been superseded by the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.

Local Transport Plan 4 area and corridor strategies

A set of area and corridor strategies was published in support of LTP4. We are working to redevelop the area and corridor strategies, however, until this work is complete the strategies remain adopted policy. The strategies can be found below.

LTP4 area strategies

LTP4 corridor strategies

LTP4 supporting strategies

A set of supporting strategies was also published in support of LTP4. The Active Travel and Freight strategies have now been superseded. The LTP4 Bus Strategy (pdf format, 984Kb) and Rail Strategy (pdf format, 2.5Mb) remain adopted policies until work to redevelop these strategies is complete.