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Oxford City quickways

What are quickways and quietways?

Quickways are cycle routes linking key destinations via main routes into the city centre. They are designed to provide a direct faster route into the centre and are generally used by more confident cyclists.

Quietways are signed cycling routes linking key destinations that follow backstreet routes avoiding some of the busier highly roads in the area. 


Nine quickways and one quietway were highlighted as priorities for improving or creating new cycle lanes, advanced stop lines and other measures, along with pedestrian facilities. These routes were put forward based on the work undertaken for the Oxford Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP.) Our aim is to further develop a comprehensive cycling and walking network for Oxford and the county as a whole. 

The proposed routes were consulted on through 2021, and five quickways were approved for implementation. These were:

  • Cowley Road/Oxford Road
  • Iffley Road/Rose Hill
  • Morrell Avenue/Warneford Lane
  • Marston Road
  • Donnington Bridge Road

The proposals

The quickways proposals have been developed from the Oxfordshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which Policy OC11 establishing the key components of the proposed quickways as:

  • ease of cycle flow
  • design speed of up to 20 mph
  • sharing with traffic; and
  • minimal diversion, delay or need to stop

What to expect on quickway routes

  • new mandatory segregated cycle lanes marked by either road markings and where feasible orcas and wands 
  • new advisory cycle lanes
  • advanced stop lines at junctions and crossings
  • centre line removal
  • removal of some permit holder, shared use and unrestricted parking spaces
  • improved pedestrian crossings and greater connectivity
  • continuous cross overs at some junctions
  • 20mph speed limits


During 2021, Oxfordshire County Council consulted on quickways proposals for:

  • Cowley Road/Oxford Road
  • St Clement’s Street
  • Marston Road
  • Morrell Avenue/Warneford Lane
  • Donnington Bridge Road
  • Iffley Road/Henley Avenue/Rose Hill
  • Church Cowley Road/Between Towns Road
  • Banbury Road/St Giles
  • Parks Road (Quietway)
  • Abingdon Road (20mph)

Detailed plans of the proposals can be found on the consultation page.

Consultation programme

Consultation Dates
County and city councillor briefings.
Key stakeholder workshops – with emergency services, bus operators, NHS, universities, schools, disability groups, residents’ groups, cycling and walking groups
March to June 2021
Informal public consultation and online drip-in sessions 20 September to 31 October 2021
Formal public consultation on quickways proposals, where respondents could also comment on wider features of the scheme 11 November to 17 December 2021
Cabinet decision 27 January 2022

Results of consultation:

From the informal consultation – 1448 survey responses, 185 letters/emails. 75% of survey responses supported the quickways proposals, 21% responded that they objected to the proposals, and 4% were neutral. The balance of overall support remained consistent across responses from areas where quickways were proposed, and other areas.

From the formal consultation – 824 survey responses, 85 emails/letters. The overall response generally mirrored the informal consultation

On 27 January 2022, the Cabinet Member for Highways Management approved a report that recommended the delivery of a number of the quickways, a quietway and the 20mph speed limit changes. A copy of the full report is available. 

A delivery prioritisation exercise has been undertaken based on a number of factors highlighted in the cabinet report confirming which schemes are to be progressed within the current budgets.

Routes not selected for initial quickways or quietways improvement:

The following routes are still being considered as works that could be progressed should future funding make it possible.

  • St Clement’s Street
  • St Giles
  • Parks Road (quietway)
  • Church Cowley Road (creating a new crossing on Church Cowley Road at the junction with Beauchamp Lane and Rymers Lane)


Works Area Date
20mph speed limits introduced Various locations April to May 2022
Pedestrian refuge (raised crossing points in the centre of a road) changes, gullies and ironworks, patching, double yellow lines, cycle lane marking.
Junction improvements, two-way cycle lanes and new traffic islands at Iffley Turn.
Putting in wands and orcas (thin cycle lane bollards and raised sections) between Marston Street and James Street junctions
Iffley Road
Henley Avenue
Rose Hill
April to August 2022
Gullies and ironworks, patching, double yellow lines, cycle lane marking.
Putting in parallel zebra crossing, footway widening, road patching, relocation of bus shelter at Marsh Road junction.
Removal of traffic islands (solid or painted shape on a road to channel traffic) near Bartlemas Close.Replacement of dropped kerb at Garsington Road junction
Cowley Road
Oxford Road
May to August 2022
Patching, double yellow lines, cycle lane marking, kerb and footway works, raised junction treatment. Traffic islands at Old Marston Road junction, and at John Garne Way and Ferry Road junctions. Kerb build-out, road-lining and putting in one-piece wandorcas (a wand and orca combined in one smaller unit) between Old Marston Road junction and Cherwell Drive Marston Road April to September 2022
Patching, surface dressing and seal, cycle lane marking, putting in wands and orcas.
Putting in a footpath link at Gray’s Road junction

Morrell Avenue 
Warneford Lane

April to September 2022
Double yellow lines and road markings for bus stops Between Donnington Bridge and Iffley Road August 2022

Note that some works were postponed in observance of the state funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 19 September and recommenced after this period. All works for the quickways were completed by 30 September 2022.

Associated documents:

Schemes confirmed to be implemented are:

  • 20mph speed limits
  • Cowley Road/Oxford Road
  • Iffley Road/Henley Avenue/Rose Hill
  • Morrell Avenue/Warneford Lane
  • Marston Road
  • Donnington Bridge Road

Schemes that may go ahead

Should funding allow the following schemes may also be progressed:

  • St Clements
  • St Giles
  • Parks Road (quietway)
  • Crossing on Church Cowley Road junction with Beauchamp Lane and Rymers Lane

Schemes that will not go ahead

  • Between Towns Road/Church Cowley and Banbury Road quickways are not to be progressed with this tranche of the Active Travel Fund.

If you have any questions regarding the Quickways schemes please refer to the frequently asked questions or email