Active travel funding

Phase one (May 2020 – September 2020)

We introduced a range of measures to support people getting back to work, school, shopping and leisure as lockdown restrictions gradually eased following the receipt of DfT Active Travel Emergency Funding and our own investment.

These changes were to encourage more residents to choose active and sustainable forms of travel and to enable social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

£600,000 was invested in a series of measures to help make journeys easier by bike and on foot. 

The programme delivered:

  • over 75 new cycle parking locations in all market towns and Oxford including our park and rides
  • enhanced signage and road markings for cycle routes on approximately 56km of our highways and roads
  • cycleway clearance and repairs on approximately 48km of our highways and roads
  • installation of temporary traffic measures or restrictions to prioritise people travelling by bike and on foot across in Witney, Wantage and Upton
  • signal timings were changed over 22 sites to prioritise people travelling by bike or on foot in Oxford City

Road space reallocation to cyclists in Oxford including Magdalen Bridge and Abingdon Road, along with quiet routes from park and ride sites

Phase 2 (September 2020 - March 2022)

Oxfordshire County Council received £2.98 million funding from the Department for Transport as part of the active travel fund in November 2020.

The funding enabled a number of active travel schemes to be delivered between March 2021 and March 2022.

Funding was also received from OxLEP which was used to deliver schemes in Bicester and Witney.

The schemes have been consulted on to consider feedback from residents and stakeholders.

Where possible, our proposed schemes reflect the suggestions made by councillors, residents, local special interest groups, and district, town and parish councils. For the Oxford schemes, we based our proposals on the approved Oxford Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)