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Learning an instrument

How to apply online and pay for music tuition.

Most tuition is offered by our visiting teachers in schools around the county during the school day. However, there are also out-of-school opportunities for all ages.

Not all instrument tuition is available in every school. You will be able to see which instruments are offered in your child’s school during the online application process.

We offer tuition in:

  • strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass
  • woodwind: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone
  • brass: trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, horn (French and tenor), tuba
  • percussion: drum kit, tuned percussion,
  • guitar: classical, electric and bass
  • keyboard
  • vocal/singing

If your child doesn't have an instrument you can hire one in most cases.


35 lessons are offered in the academic year. The Music Service works on the three-term school year with two invoices per term (six per academic year). Refunds will be made, if necessary, in line with our terms and coditions

Your child will receive an annual report in the summer term, written by their teacher which explains what they have achieved during the academic year. 

About our teachers 

All staff who work with your child or have access to their personal information have a current DBS certificate and receive regular Safeguarding training. All our teaching staff follow relevant schemes of work to deliver high-quality lessons and we offer ongoing support and training to all staff during the year.  


Lesson Price per lesson Number in group/length of lesson
Group £6.20
  • Group of 7 to 9 pupils for 40 minutes
  • Group of 5 or 6 pupils for 30 minutes
  • Group of 3 or 4 pupils for 20 minutes
Paired £10.20
  • 2 pupils for 20 minutes. (Pro-rata charges apply for longer lessons)
Individual £18.20
  • 1 pupil for 20 minutes (Pro-rata charges apply for longer lessons)

Key information

If only one pupil applies for a group lesson, they will stay on the waiting list until a group can be formed. Applicants can opt for an individual lesson.

Remission of fees

Free lessons are available for children of families on certain benefits. Click the Apply Online button and complete a Remission of Fees application

Endangered instruments

A discount of 25 per cent on the above prices will be available to any pupils learning one of the listed instruments who is also a member of an OCMS ensemble.

Viola, French Horn, Oboe, Trombone, Double bass, Tuba, Bassoon, Bass guitar.

Instrument hire


Charged termly i.e. autumn, spring and summer

Ensemble Termly charge 
1 hour £48
1.5 hours £72
2 hours £96
Central Music School                   £110

Although the charges above are termly, invoices are raised on a half-termly basis, that is, across six invoices in the academic year. The charges below are for 30 sessions across the academic year.

How to cancel music lessons or ensembles

How and when to give notice if you want to stop music lessons or ensemble membership.

More information