How to cancel music lessons or ensembles

How and when to give notice if you want to stop music lessons or ensemble membership.

To cancel your child’s lessons contact the Music Service.

Lessons can be cancelled at the end of term. We require half a term’s notice in order for the teacher to fill the space with a new student. 

You must also provide written notice if your child is:

  • transferring to a private school
  • leaving at the end of year 11.

When to give notice

You must tell us by:

  • Autumn term - 31 October
  • Spring term - 28 February
  • Summer term - 31 May

Continuing lessons after year 13

Lessons and ensemble memberships will be cancelled at the end of year 13. If you wish tuition or group membership to continue, for example, if the pupil is remaining in Oxfordshire for a gap year, please contact the Music Service office to arrange this.

Cancellation charges

Notice can only take effect at the end of a term. If you fail to cancel lessons by the above date you are subject to a cancellation charge if no lessons have been attended during the new term. If you cancel after this, you will be charged the next full term's fees.

Membership of ensembles and music centres

Group membership may be cancelled without penalty up until the beginning (first day) of the school term after which a late cancellation charge will apply. When writing to cancel tuition or group membership, it is very important to say whether or not all activities are being cancelled. Cancellation should always be made in writing. Emails are acceptable and provide you with a record of receipt.

What to do with your hired instrument

Any music service instrument must be returned personally to the instrumental teacher or to the Music Service office after the last lesson.