Music service contact information

Office opening hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to 4pm on Friday.

Centre for Music
Bayswater Road

Team Tel: 01865 816990

Outside of the above office hours when the Centre for Music is open for ensembles, events and other activities, customers can park in the Bayards Hill School car park, Waynflete Road, OX3 9NU and use the Out of Hours entrance to the Centre for Music signposted from the car park.

Head of Service

Angela Turton

Safeguarding Officer

Rebecca Thomas
Tel: 07741 607594

Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Jess Gray
Tel: 07979 764102

Senior Managers

Nick Wright

Rebecca Thomas

Area Managers

West Oxfordshire

Stewart Attwood

Central Oxfordshire

Chuck Lloyd

North Oxfordshire

Jonathon Wakefield

Oxford Area

Jess Gray

South Oxfordshire

Andrew Nice

Advanced Ensembles/Orchestras

Directed by: Stewart Attwood

Office Contact: Sandra Yeomans

These ensembles include:

  • Central Music School (Saturdays)
  • Oxfordshire Schools' Orchestra Touring
  • Oxfordshire Schools' Symphony Orchestra Touring
  • Oxfordshire Youth Wind Orchestra Touring
  • Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra Touring

Instrument Purchase Scheme

Dave Callicott

Instrument hire

For queries about specific hires, email