Rural collections

The rural collections include all aspects of rural occupations in the countryside.

Our collections feature objects connected with the following:

  • Farming activities such as field draining, ploughing, cultivating, harvesting, weed and pest control and farm machinery.
  • Livestock includes dairy cattle, milk, butter and cheese-making as well as beef cattle, sheep and wool, pigs and pig-killing, horses and harness for horse-power – bees and bee-keeping are included.
  • Rural industries include country crafts and craftspeople and their tools – the blacksmith, the harness-maker and saddler, leather-workers, woodland craftsmen like the hurdle-maker, chair leg and tent-maker, ladder-maker, wood turner and thatch spar maker.
  • Building crafts such as thatching, brick-making, slate-making and stonewall building are all represented, as are the wheelwright, the wagon maker and the makers of farm implements and machinery.



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