Volunteer to be a digital helper

Information about volunteering for a digital helper role with Oxfordshire libraries.

Digital helpers teach basic digital skills to people with little or no experience of using computers or the internet.

They provide one-to-one support and encouragement to boost confidence and help people to help themselves.  Digital helpers volunteer in a library for a few hours a week, at a time that suits them.

You need patience, good communication skills and to enjoy working with learners of all ages.

This role is only available to volunteers aged 18 and over.

Why volunteer?

Teaching digital skills has lots of benefits. It enables others to access employment and training, use online services, become more independent and helps to reduce isolation.

Volunteer's role


  • to provide computer support and encouragement for beginners
  • to promote the use of digital services, including library services
  • to help customers with individual needs, such as searching for jobs or completing online forms


  • delivering regular one-to-one computer help sessions
  • giving advice, encouragement and coaching to beginners, of any age
  • helping customers to navigate the internet and access useful websites
  • helping customers to set up email accounts
  • assisting in using e-learning courses, including Learn My Way
  • helping customers to learn the skills to use the internet to search for jobs and to make online applications (but not to write any CVs, to fill in applications or to give advice on jobs or benefits)

Skills and abilities needed

  • to be competent in using computers, the internet and Microsoft-based software (you don’t need high level computer skills)
  • to be able to communicate with learners of all ages, and to share knowledge and skills
  • to be patient, willing to help and have the ability to motivate and encourage
  • to have the ability to work in a team with library staff and other volunteers