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Ask a librarian

Our information enquiry service provides a quick, professional response to practically any question.

We provide you with facts, figures and business information from our own online resources and the wider internet and will recommend other helpful resources and organisations. 

Example enquiries: 

  • Top 100 companies by employees in Oxfordshire
  • Tracing editions of historic newspapers
  • How to register common land
  • Visa requirements for emigrating to Canada in 1974

Who can use it?

You do not have to be a library member or based in Oxfordshire to use the service. If you are in business, a student or researcher, local or family historian, or have an active curiosity, contact us.

Local and family history enquiries

Libraries have our own resources, so ask us but we also work closely with colleagues at Oxfordshire History Centre.

How to contact us

Email askalibrarian@oxfordshire.gov.uk giving full details of what you need to know, any useful background information and your contact details.