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New Minerals and Waste Plan (2042)

The new Minerals and Waste Plan for Oxfordshire up until 2042

On 20 December 2022, the County Council Cabinet approved a new Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (pdf format, 217Kb) The Scheme sets out the decision and timetable to pursue a Minerals and Waste Plan, combining parts 1 and 2 into a new Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

In light of this decision, work has now stopped on the Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan Part 2 (Site Allocations Document) and work has commenced on the preparation of the New Minerals and Waste Plan.

The new Plan, upon adoption, will replace the adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 1: Core Strategy (2017). However, until this time the Core Strategy remains in place as part of the Development Plan for Oxfordshire. until it is replaced by the New Minerals and Waste Plan.

The table below sets out a summary of our proposed future consultation stages during plan preparation.

Proposed future consultation
Stage Timescale
Call for Sites March – April 2023
Initial Consultation (Reg 18) June – August 2023
Draft Plan Consultation (Reg 18) February – March 2024
Submission Plan Consultation (Reg 19) September – October 2024
Submission (Reg 22) March 2025
Adoption March 2026

We are now at the start of the Plan preparation and are undertaking a Call for Sites .

Call for Sites

A Call for Sites is the County Council asking those who wish to nominate sites within Oxfordshire that they consider suitable for future Minerals and Waste development, to meet the County requirements up until 2042, to do so now. 

Usually, sites are promoted by land owners, developers, agents and minerals and waste operators with an interest in Oxfordshire, though anyone can nominate a site.

Anyone nominating a site must complete the Nomination form below and submit it, along with a Site Plan to the Team by 12 April 2023.

We have also prepared Frequently Asked Questions (pdf format, 390Kb) to assist in this Call for Sites

Sites previously submitted for the Minerals and Waste Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations

As work has now ceased on the Site Allocations Plan, any submissions from previous Call for Sites for the Site Allocations Plan will not be carried forward for consideration in the new Minerals and Waste Local Plan. 

If any previous site nominations still have a site that they wish to nominate they will be required to complete and submit a new Site Nomination form, along with a site plan and any other information they deem necessary.

This is to ensure that the site assessments are undertaken based on consistent evidence against the latest information available

What happens next

Initial consultation on the Issues and Options for the Plan is expected to take place in July to September 2023. Alongside the Issues and Options, we will also consult on a draft Methodology for assessing the sites.  

All sites nominated will then be assessed using the Methodology as we prepare the Draft Minerals and Waste Plan, which we are aiming to publish and consult on in February to March 2024.

Keeping you informed

We hold a register of people and organisations with an interest in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. This is only used to keep people informed about progress in preparing Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents, publication and consultation. Contact us to be included on the register. 

This Site Nomination forms collect required information, including personal information such as name and address, along with site and operation details. The information is held securely with appropriate technical and organisational measures, and is used for purpose of preparing and delivering the Minerals and Waste Local Plan, its monitoring and review. All data processing is carried out in line with the requirements of current data protection legislation. Our Privacy Notice explains how and why information about you will be used and stored by us.