Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit

Guidance on our policies, resources and services if you are involved with neighbourhood planning

Since April 2012, local communities have had legal powers under the Localism Act of 2011 to create neighbourhood plans for their communities. In this way local people can have a greater say in shaping the development of the communities of which they are a part.

Oxfordshire County Council is one of the major infrastructure providers for the county, providing and managing many important services that communities use and rely upon.  We are fully supportive of neighbourhood planning as a way for local communities to have a greater say in where they live and work and will support parish councils and neighbourhood forums working on Neighbourhood Development Plans in their local area.

If you are preparing, or interested in preparing, a Neighbourhood Development Plan for a community in Oxfordshire this toolkit should help you quickly identify what information, guidance, help and support can be provided by us as well as relevant contact details.

Toolkit by sections

Areas for which we have a statutory responsibility:

Areas for which we can provide information and/or guidance:

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Asset Management Plan

The County Council holds property to sustain and support its corporate objectives as reflected in the Corporate Plan and associated Business Strategy.

The Asset Management Plan (Operational Property Strategy, excluding Schools) is a document designed to set out the future direction for managing the County Council’s property assets.

Asset Management Plan (pdf format, 870KB)