Making an enforcement enquiry

Is somebody carrying out mineral or waste activities without permission?

Oxfordshire County Council is the Minerals and Waste Planning Authority for the county of Oxfordshire and has a duty to control development associated with mineral extraction and the management of waste.

Raising a concern

If you feel that someone is carrying out mineral or waste activities without the benefit of planning permission, or to raise concerns about the operation of a quarry or waste site use the form below.

Unauthorised developments may include:

  • tipping of waste on land
  • extraction of minerals
  • storage and sorting of waste, e.g. the storage of skips loaded with waste

Breaches of planning conditions may include:

  • sites operating outside of permitted times
  • lorries depositing mud on roads when they leave a site
  • tipping of waste above the approved levels
  • sites not being properly restored

Other issues

If your concerns relate to any other planning issue that do not contain an element of mineral or waste activity, and may require planning regulation or enforcement investigation, contact your District Council.

Clearing rubbish

Your District Council is also responsible for clearing rubbish tipped at the side of the road.


The Environment Agency is responsible for managing the pollution risks associated with waste tipping and permitting authorised waste sites.

What we need to know

We need to know as much detail as possible. You can upload photos if you have one.

Providing your name and address will help us ensure that complaints we receive are genuine and allows us to keep you informed of progress. We will keep your identity confidential, unless circumstances of the case make confidentiality impossible.

The way that we will deal with your enquiry is set out in our Local Monitoring and Enforcement Plan (pdf format, 279Kb)