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Requesting information about highway schemes in your area

How to contact us for information used in land and property searches.

We keep an up-to-date list of approved but not yet implemented schemes throughout Oxfordshire. They relate to the questions about traffic information contained in the CON29 search form used to make enquiries to local authorities in connection with property transactions.

Search form questions relate to:

  • Land required for public use
  • Drainage agreements and consent
  • Nearby road schemes (construction of an approved new road)
  • Traffic schemes such as:
    • permanent stopping up or diversion
    • waiting or loading restrictions
    • one way driving
    • prohibition of driving
    • pedestrianisation
    • vehicle width or weight restrictions
    • traffic calming works including road humps
    • residents parking controls
    • minor road widening or improvement
    • pedestrian crossings
    • cycle tracks
    • bridge building
  • Outstanding notices
  • Compulsory purchases
  • Road proposals by private bodies.


Per property address, we make no charge for a verbal reply to any traffic scheme request and charge for a written response in accordance with the scale of charges. Payment for the required amount must be received before any information can be given as a written response.

Personal search

A personal search of our scheme records can be carried out by visiting us at County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND

Please telephone to make an appointment, giving us several days' notice before your intended visit.