Council-owned land and premises

Where our offices are and properties/land we currently own.

Oxfordshire County Council owns a host of assets (buildings and land) across the county. Most are evident to the public i.e. schools, libraries and council offices. However, there are also other land-based resources that the council leases out to organisations that the public may not be aware of.

As part of our aim to ensure transparency, you can view details of all council owned land and building assets (pdf format, 334Kb).

If you have a question about any of our properties please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to find out who owns a property

The official source for registered legal ownership is the Land Registry. You can apply for information about land ownership by submitting a form on their website.

(Please note: There is a small fee for the service)

Commercial properties

You can also contact your district or town council to find out if they have any commercial properties for sale or rent: