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Adapting to a changing climate

We are working in partnership to make Oxfordshire resilient to a changing climate.

The average surface temperature in the UK has already risen by 1.2 Celsius since pre-industrial times and efforts are underway to limit global average warming to below 1.5 Celsius. Even if this target is achieved, Oxfordshire can still expect to experience significant changes to its climate.

The Met Office climate projections show an increased likelihood of:

  • warmer, wetter winters
  • hotter, drier summers
  • increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather.

As the lead local flood authority and with responsibility for a wide range of emergency planning functions, Oxfordshire County Council is actively working with partners across Oxfordshire to identify areas of vulnerability to a changing climate and take steps to enable Oxfordshire to be more climate resilient.


There are a wide range of resources available to support residents and businesses in Oxfordshire to identify areas of vulnerability as a result of a changing climate and steps to take to build resilience.