Viewing public Rights of Way online

View the legal records of public rights of way online here.

The Definitive Map and Statement is the legal record of public rights of way. It has a 'relevant date' of 21 February 2006.

Legal changes made to the network and the definitive map since 2006 (through diversions, extinguishments, creations or modification orders) are shown on our interactive countryside access map.

The following document contains a list of changes to the Definitive Map and Statement, and was last updated February 2019, but without prejudice to any existing unrecorded rights. Changes are listed by parish and path number order. 

View the Definitive Statements

The Definitive Statements give a description of each public right of way, including any limitations or conditions such as width of path.

The Definitive Statements are organised alphabetically by parish and then by path number in each parish. The parish reference number, is shown at the top right hand corner of each Definitive Statement page and the path numbers are shown next to each path. You will need to scroll through the appropriate letter of the alphabet for your parish, or parish reference number, until you come to the parish you are looking for and then find the correct path number in that parish.

Definitive Statements by parish