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Modifications and diversions to The Definitive Map and Statement

How to modify the map, divert a route and a list of applications for these changes.

Changes to The Definitive Map and Statement

The Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way can be altered if it meets certain legal tests.

We are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all Public Rights of Way in Oxfordshire. Anyone who has evidence that the Definitive Map and/or Statement is incorrect or incomplete may apply for it to be legally changed using a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO).

Reasons for wanting to change the Definitive Map and Statement might be that you have evidence that:

  • the status a route should be altered, eg from footpath to bridleway
  • a Public Right of Way should be added to the Definitive Map
  • occasionally, a Public Right of Way should be deleted from the Definitive Map.

The Definitive Map Modification Order Procedure (pdf format, 17Kb)

Guidance notes for Definitive Map Modification Orders

Diversions of Public Rights of Way

A footpath, bridleway or restricted byway can be diverted if it meets certain legal tests, by applying for a Public Path Order (PPO) to be made under s119 of the Highways Act 1980.

The County Council sometimes needs to divert a Public Right of Way itself due to decisions on planning proposals that are concerned with the management of waste or extraction of minerals, as well as proposals for its own operational use such as extensions to schools or libraries. Applications for PPOs associated with these types of proposal must be made under s257/261 of the Town and County Planning Act 1990.

Guidance notes for Public Path Orders

Applications we have received

All applications for Definitive Map Modification Orders, including those that have been completed, can be viewed on the Register of Definitive Map Modification Order web page. This is the statutory register of all applications for DMMOs received since 31 December 2005, as required under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 section 53B.

The pending case lists will help you track the progress of applications not yet completed:

Have your say about current applications to change Rights of Way

In order to enable you to have your say about applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement or divert a Public Right of Way, you can find out detailed information about the applications on our consultation database. The database also gives you contact details for getting in touch with your views.