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Councillor Priority Fund

The fund supports councillor priorities in their local areas.

The Councillor Priority Fund is now closed. A new fund will reopen April 2023.

How to apply

You should discuss your proposal at an early stage with your County Councillor and seek their support for your proposal.

Each councillor can decide how their allocation should be spent. With each area of Oxfordshire different, it’s important that county councillors have the flexibility to allocate the money in the best way.

Further guidance and an application form will be available in April 2023.


Successful applicants are expected to comply fully with any monitoring requests from the council and must agree to this when signing the funding request form.

All successful applicants need to be prepared for a review of their project.

This may include:

  • Receipts recording how the money was spent
  • Reports on the activity funded
  • Feedback from individuals impacted
  • Any other record of the activity funded (e.g. promotional flyers and posters)

Successful applicants will be strongly encouraged to keep us informed about the progress of their projects. Any setbacks to the implementation of the projects should be reported to the Policy Team. Delivery of the projects will be monitored as per milestones identified in the business case/ project proposal.

Any unspent grant funding will be recovered by the county council.

Grants issued