Who to notify when you get married

Organisations you may need to contact when you get married.

There are various organisations that you may need to notify before or following your marriage, irrespective of whether or not you are changing your name.

Changes to your passport

Some countries may not accept a passport where the name has not been changed, even if you take your marriage certificate with you. Check with your travel agent or the country's consulate if you're in doubt.

If you are going abroad, remember to book any travel tickets in the name you will have in your passport at the time of travelling.

When you can change it

You can change your passport details at any time up to three months before the wedding, although you will not be able to use your passport until the actual day of your wedding. The forms can be filled in once you have given your Notice of Marriage.

How to change it

If you want your passport to be changed in time for your trip, you will need to apply to the Passport Office for a new standard UK passport.

Application forms are available at post offices, and you will need to complete a PD2 form which is available online. Once you have given your Notice of Marriage, the forms can be filled in. The Registrar or Minister of Religion conducting your ceremony will need to complete the PD2 form for you.

This should then be sent to the Passport Office, together with the application for a passport or amendment to your passport.

If you are going abroad on honeymoon, remember to book any travel tickets in the name you will have in your passport at the time of travelling.

Other organisations

Here are just some of the organisations either one or both of you may need to contact. You may have to send them your marriage certificate as proof. They include: