List of inquests

A list of the inquests scheduled for hearing in the Oxford Coroner's Court.

All hearings (unless otherwise stated) are held at Oxford Coroner's Court, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

Military inquests

You can view details of military inquests to be held over the next few months.

Tuesday 17 September

Inquests to conduct

10am – David Stanley, aged 33, from Bicester, died 14/08/18 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Wednesday 18 September

Inquests to conduct

10am – Thomas Mitchell, aged 64, from Bicester, died 08/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

11am – John Benfield, aged 87 from Chipping Norton, died 14/04/19 in Horton General Hospital

11.30am – Sheila Palmer, aged 86, from Stroud, died 10/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

2pm – Florian Cretu, aged 35, from Bicester, died 16/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

3pm – Raymond Coles, aged 88, from Oxford, died 19/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

3.30pm – Peter Dudman, aged 74, from Oxford, died 17/04/19 in Oxford

Thursday 19 September

Pre-inquest review

10am – Louis Ciampoli-Messiou, aged 17, from Bampton, died 26/12/18 in Oxford

Inquests to conduct

12pm – David Simmons, aged 74, from Daventry, died 30/03/19 in Horton General Hospital

12.30pm – Thomas Broomfield, aged 87, from Bicester, died 16/04/19 in Horton General Hospital

1.15pm Inquests to open

Elizabeth Brotheridge, aged 61, from Marlow, died 18/08/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Michael Mitchell, aged 46, from Abingdon, died 06/09/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Cyril Cook, aged 83, from Wantage, died 06/09/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Kim Milnes, aged 65, from Banbury, died 02/09/19 in Great Milton

Susan Batchelor, aged 63, from Abingdon, died 05/09/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Alan Blackwell, aged 71, from Witney, died 03/09/19 in Witney

Muriel Baldwin, aged 95, from Burford, died 07/09/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Tuesday 24 September

Inquests to conduct

10am – Avril Thomas, aged 86, from Banbury, died 13/06/19 in Horton General Hospital

10.30am – Sidney Marlow, aged 79, from Didcot, died 20/06/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

11am – Filip Richtrmoc, aged 29, died 14/05/18 in Dunsden Green, Reading

Wednesday 25 September

Inquests to conduct

10am – Edward Moore, aged 90, from Banbury, died 23/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

10.30am – Roy Allan Hall, aged 84, from Oxford, died 09/01/19 in Oxford

11am – Stephen Simmons, aged 56, from Oxford, died 27/03/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

12.30pm – Nathan Bumpass, aged 45, from Wallingford, died 14/04/19 in Great Milton

3pm – Margaret Tapley, aged 92, from Wallingford, died 25/04/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

3.45pm – Kenneth Sanders, aged 93, from Oxford, died 10/06/19 in Oxford