List of inquests

A list of the inquests scheduled for hearing in the Oxford Coroner's Court.

The Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court is open to members of the press and public. Please see the inquest list below for exact sitting times. If attending a particular case, please aim to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the stated start time.

Any member of the public or press who wishes to be considered for remote attendance at an inquest or inquest opening (this is facilitated using Microsoft Teams) should make a written request to the Coroner’s Office at giving at least 24 hours notice, where possible.

If a member of the public or press requires further information about inquest cases, the Coroner will consider providing information on request. Any requests should be submitted, in writing, to  

All hearings (unless otherwise stated) are held at Oxford Coroner's Court, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

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Wednesday 10 August

Pre inquest review

  • 10am Rose Wigan, aged 66, from Chipping Norton, died 30/11/21 in JRH 

Inquests to conclude

  • 10.30am Francesca Tonkin, aged 34, from Oxford, died 10/02/22 in Oxford
  • 12pm Jonatan Bucko, aged 34, from Banbury, died 16/04/22 in Banbury
  • 2pm John Nightingale, aged 84, from Bicester, died 26/06/22 in JRH 
  • 2.45pm Norman Blower, aged 55, from Banbury, died 11/05/22 in JRH

Thursday 11 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Jordan Rolfe, aged 28, from Banbury, died 27/02/22 in Banbury
    • 11am Ralph Fawcett-Collinson, aged 19, from Chipping Norton, died 02/12/21 in Chipping Norton
    • 12.45pm Frederick Smith, aged 89, from Wantage, died 18/06/22 in Wantage

    1.15pm Inquests to open

    • Omar Ali, aged 55, from Oxford, died 10/05/22 in JRH
    • Victor Rochford, aged 87, from Kidlington, died 27/07/22 in JRH
    • Hasini Kokulavasan, aged 36, from Chipping Norton, died 23/07/22 in JRH
    • Brian Gray, aged 85, from Oxford, died 26/07/22 in NOC
    • Cain Donald, aged 26, from Bicester, died 29/07/22 in Northbrook
    • David Watson, aged 56, from Oxford, died 17/04/22 in Oxford 
    • Nabila Walji, aged 28, from Canada, died 26/04/22 in Oxford

    Tuesday 16 August

    Pre inquest review

    • 10am Nigel Dennis, aged 58, from Bicester, died 09/02/21 in JRH

    Wednesday 17 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Rosalind Lythgoe, aged 73, from Wallingford, died 09/04/22 in JRH
    • 11.15am Niyata Waller, aged 53, from Oxford, died 14/04/22 in Oxford
    • 12pm Graham Alder, aged 53, from Witney, died 21/05/22 in Witney
    • 2pm Emma Boland, aged 15, from Bampton, died 17/01/22 in Bampton
    • 3pm Margaret Postbeschild, aged 90, from Witney, died 11/07/22 in JRH

    Thursday 18 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Buddug Temple, aged 74, from Abingdon, died 20/12/21 in JRH
    • 12.15pm Roger Barnes, aged 72, from Witney, died 30/06/22 in JRH
    • 12.45pm Derek Chapman, aged 84, from Abingdon, died 02/07/22 in JRH

    Tuesday 23 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Terence Rabbitts, aged 87, from Bath, died 23/12/21 in JRH

    Wednesday 24 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Euan Mackintosh, aged 85, from Oxford, died 24/03/22 in JRH
    • 11am Dean Smith, aged 36, from Wallingford, died 14/05/22 in Wallingford
    • 12pm Jane Godfrey, aged 78, from Witney, died 22/04/22 in Witney
    • 2pm Hilary Skaar, aged 68, from Bicester, died 02/04/22 in Bicester

    Thursday 25 August

    Inquests to conclude

    • 10am Mark Bray, aged 59, from Wallingford, died 23/04/22 in JRH
    • 11am Suhith Mahendra, aged 23, from Oxford, died 19/05/22 in JRH
    • 12.15pm Robert Cox, aged 43, from Kidlington, died 20/05/22 in Kidlington