List of inquests

A list of the inquests scheduled for hearing in the Oxford Coroner's Court.

All hearings (unless otherwise stated) are held at Oxford Coroner's Court, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

Military inquests

You can view details of military inquests to be held over the next few months.

Thursday 18 July

1pm Inquests to open

Craig Duckett, aged 32, from Banbury, died 02/07/19 in Banbury

Arthur Boswell, aged 84, from Abingdon, died 04/07/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Stefan Lanczak, aged 93, from Oxford, died 09/07/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Shirley Grant, aged 73, from Banbury, died 06/07/19 in Banbury

Catherine Zsuppan, aged 81, from Burford, died 08/07/19 in Burford

Wednesday 24 July

Inquests to conduct

10am – Teresa Bosman, aged 79, from Buckingham, died 30/12/18 in Churchill Hospital

10.45am – Louisa Curtis, aged 81, from Eynsham, died 13/01/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

11.30am – Malcolm Townsend, aged 81, from Oxford, died 03/03/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

12.00pm – Colin Oakey, aged 86, from Brackley, died 12/02/19 in Horton General Hospital

12.30pm – Robert Trotter, aged 89, from Wantage, died 03/03/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Thursday 25 July

Inquests to conduct

11.45am – Alan Redman, aged 85, from Burford, died 11/02/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

12.15pm – Marie Palfreeman, aged 68, from Kidlington, died 03/02/19 in Dominican Republic

12.45pm – Nicole Kaye, aged 21, from Henley-on-Thames, died 21/02/19 in Henley-on-Thames

Monday 29 July

Inquests to conduct

10am – Imre Beres, aged 39, from Banbury, died 02/03/19 near Chapel Lane, Banbury

11.45am – Scott Day, aged 45, from Doncaster, died 13/03/19 in Thame

12.15pm – Gerhard Jonas, aged 64, from Faringdon, died 19/03/19 at Furnham Bridge

12.45pm – Deborah Uzoziri, aged 59, from Abingdon, died 07/03/19 in Ardington Wick

2.15pm – Robert Blackburn, aged 87, from Wallingford, died 24/03/19 in John Radcliffe Hospital

Wednesday 31 July

Inquests to conduct

10.30am – Christopher Taylor, aged 61, from Bicester, died 26/03/19 in Bicester

11am – Darren Legg, aged 46, from Oxford, died 26/11/18 in Oxford

11.30am – Ben Folley, aged 21, from Chinnor, died 26/01/19 on B4445, Thame

12.45pm – Jill Evans, aged 58, from Malvern, died 26/01/19 on B4445, Thame

2pm – Debra Weekes, aged 64, from Oxford, died 27/03/19 in Oxford

2.30pm – Garfield Wilson, aged 59, from London, died 27/11/18 in John Radcliffe Hospital