List of inquests

A list of the inquests scheduled for hearing in the Oxford Coroner's Court.

All hearings (unless otherwise stated) are held at Oxford Coroner's Court, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

Military inquests

You can view details of military inquests to be held over the next few months.

Wednesday 29 May

Inquests to conduct

2pm – Private Reece Miller, aged 29, from Warminster, died 30/06/2018 in Tapa, Estonia

Monday 3 June

Inquests to conduct

10am – Peggy Binding, aged 93, from Oxford, died 14/01/2019 in the John Radcliffe Hospital

10.45am – Lorraine Wharton, aged 67, from Kennington, died 01/10/2018 in Kennington

11.30am – Jeannette Stallard, aged 70, from East Hendred, died 30/01/2019 in the John Radcliffe Hospital

12.15pm – Timothy Gregory, aged 43, from Brighton, died 11/11/2018 in Oxford

Tuesday 4 June

Inquests to conduct

11am – Anne Digby, aged 61, from Maidenhead, died 21/07/2018 in the Churchill Hospital

Wednesday 5 June

Inquests to conduct

10am – Joseph Morkin, aged 87, from Yarnton, died 11/12/2018 in Yarnton

11.15am – Mary Chambers, aged 71, from Oxford, died 18/12/2018 in Yarnton

Thursday 6 June

Inquests to conduct

10.30am – Diana Younger, aged 63, from Wallingford, died 22/01/2019 in the John Radcliffe Hospital

11.15am – Joseph Taylor, aged 87, from Farmoor, died 17/02/2019 in Farmoor

11.45am – Steven Andrews, aged 58, from Didcot, died 17/06/2018 in Didcot

12.15pm – Kenneth Ayris, aged 87, from Witney, died 11/11/2018 in the John Radcliffe Hospital