The Coroner's Service

It is the duty of coroners to investigate deaths which are reported to them.

What a coroner investigates

Where deaths:

  • appear to be due to violence
  • are unnatural
  • are of sudden and of unknown cause
  • occur in legal custody.


The medical and legal enquiry held in public is called an inquest. It is not a trial, it is aimed at finding out who the deceased was, and how, when and where they died.

At the end of the session, the next of kin will be provided with an explanation about how, where and when a copy of the death certificate can be obtained.

Confidentiality will be preserved as far as possible within a system based on public court hearings. Explanations for the procedures adopted in particular cases will be given, on request, where the coroner is satisfied that the person has a proper interest.

Further information is available on the GOV.UK website.

The Oxfordshire Coroner

The Oxfordshire Coroner is Mr D. M. Salter.

Enquiries not requiring an inquest

If a death is reported which does not need an inquest - when death resulted from natural disease or illness - a certificate giving the cause of death will be sent to the registrar of deaths.

The Treasure Act 1996

All finds of treasure must be reported to the county coroner within 14 days after the find was made or it was realised that the find might be treasure - for example, after having it identified.

You should also contact Oxfordshire County Archaeological Services.

Definitions of treasure can be found at the website.

How to contact the Oxfordshire Coroner’s Office

The Oxfordshire Coroner’s Office operates between the hours of 8:30am – 4pm Monday to Friday but staff continue to work remotely at times. The Office contact details are:

Oxfordshire Coroner's Office 

The Oxford Register Office 

Second Floor 

1 Tidmarsh Lane 



01865 815020

Feedback and complaints

Coroners will not normally enter into correspondence about the cases they have completed, but comments and suggestions on improving the Coroner's Service are always welcome.

Coroner's decisions

Complaints about a coroner's decision or the outcome of an inquest can only be dealt with through the High Court. The Coroner's Office will be able to explain the procedure on request, but cannot give legal advice.

Complaints about the service

All complaints about the administration of the Oxfordshire Coroner's Service, the conduct of individual coroners or their officers should be raised in the first instance with the coroner concerned via the Coroner's Service. Contact the Coroner.

If the coroner fails to deal with the complaint satisfactorily, you may refer it to:

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office

81 - 82 Queens Building

Royal Courts of Justice




Complaints must be made in writing to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.