Day nurseries

Providing childcare for babies as young as six weeks to pre-school four year olds

Day nurseries take children from two months up to school age. They usually open most of the year and generally open 8am to 6pm but some may offer longer hours. Some may provide out of school care for older children.

This type of care is ideal if you feel happier leaving your child with a team of professional staff trained in childcare who can always provide care even if an individual staff member is away. They are regulated and inspected by Ofsted.

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Nursery schools and classes

Nursery schools and classes provide early education for three to five year olds (some may take younger children). 

Private or independent nurseries

Private or independent nurseries usually take children from two or two and a half up to age five and offer sessional care during term time.

The cost of some daycare at nurseries may be provided from age three via the  Early Education Fund. Some two year old children may also be able to have funding.

Some working parents are eligible for 30 hours funded childcare.

Working in early years

Information if you are interested in a career in childcare.