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Crèches offer occasional short-term care for children.

Crèches give parents and carers the opportunity to access training courses, leisure activities or shopping whilst their child is cared for in a play environment. Some are sited in shopping or leisure centres, some are attached to adult learning or children and family centres. Crèche opening times vary considerably. Often sessions run to fit in with leisure activities or training.

Crèches normally cater for children aged between 3 months and about 4 years.

Ofsted registration is not required if either:

  • children do not stay in the crèche for more than 2 hours per day (even if the crèche is open for longer than this) or
  • children can stay in the crèche for up to 4 hours a day and the crèche is for the convenience of parents who intend to remain on the premises where the crèche is situated or within its immediate locality.
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