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The Children's Housing Occupational Therapy Service

Helping children and young people to live as independently as possible at home.

About the service

The Children's Housing Occupational Therapy service assesses children and young people at home to help determine solutions to enable them to continue to live as independently as possible in the family home.

Our occupational therapists see children and young people at home and assess housing for suitability and safety, recommending adaptations or supporting families with rehousing recommendations.

The majority of adaptations in children’s and young people’s houses are completed using funding from the government's  Disabled Facilities Grants.

We work closely with colleagues in Oxford Health Community Integrated Therapies Service who see children in schools as well as in their own homes. They also provide equipment for children at home to help enable them to maintain independence/continue to be cared for at home.

We see children and young people who have a long term disability or illness that impacts on their ability to manage essential tasks, such as accessing a bedroom or washing facilities or being kept safe.

We work closely with the four district councils and Oxford City Council to enable all options to be explored to help achieve positive outcomes.

How we can help you

Examples of the type of work we do can include:

  • advice to children, young people and families about alternative methods of completing tasks
  • provision of equipment as part of works
  • safety in the home and garden
  • recommendations for functional design of simple adaptations such as ramps to doorways or replacing a bath with a level access shower
  • advice and support for families with more complex adaptation requirements, such as house remodelling, through floor and stairlifts, or extensions to provide accessible ground floor accommodation
  • complete recommendations for DFG and further design input during the process
  • advice and recommendations for families moving house from unsuitable properties.
  • design input for parents who are building new houses to meet their children’s needs.

Are you eligible?

If your child/young person has been diagnosed with a long term disability and/or illness then we will assess their needs and determine the level of service that can be offered, redirect to other more appropriate services or offer advice on possible solutions.

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