LCSS and Community Co-ordinators

Find out about the LCSS and Community Co-ordinators

The Locality and Community Support Service (LCSS) is part of our Children's Services Integration Programme. You can find your local LCSS Community Coordinator on the OSCB website.

The LCSS provides advice and guidance to universal professional partner agencies including schools, health and voluntary and community groups, across Oxfordshire when emerging concerns are raised for children that do not require an immediate safeguarding response.

The LCSS are the first point of contact where non-immediate safeguarding concerns are identified.

When to contact LCSS

You should contact the Locality Community Support Service if you:

  • Have emerging concerns for a child that does not require an immediate safeguarding response
  • Need support or guidance with an Early Help Assessment or Team Around the Family
  • Wish to complete a No Names Consultation

You should:

  • Discuss your concerns with the family
  • Gain advice from LCSS with family's knowledge
  • If you wish to discuss a concern without a family’s consent you can gain advice via a No Names Consultation only

If LCSS are supporting you with a family and immediate safeguarding concerns arise, you must call the MASH immediately.

The role of the LCSS

The Locality and Community Support Service (LCSS) has been created as part of Oxfordshire County Council's, Children's Services Integration Programme.

LCSS will work with professionals (including community and voluntary partners) and provide the following services:

  • Advice and guidance to all community professionals who have concerns about a child or family, which is not an immediate safeguarding concern  (these should be referred straight to the MASH)
  • A named link worker to specific organisations for example schools and GP
  • A No Names Consultation service which enables professionals to talk through concerns for children where there is no consent from the family
  • Support professionals when a MASH enquiry does not lead to a Statutory Children’s Services referral , to ensure that Early Help Assessment (EHA) (previously CAF)/Team Around the Family (TAF) processes are in place within the community
  • Support professionals to access targeted support within Children's Services to ensure children get the right support at the right time
  • Review all Early Help Assessments and support professionals to complete them where appropriate, and offer feedback to support on-going professional  development
  • Provide support to Lead Professionals, including the provision of advice and attendance at Team Around the Family meetings where appropriate
  • Deliver Early Help Assessment & Team around the Family training to ensure plans are child centred and family focussed. In addition the team will facilitate local network and  training events in response to your area's need
  • Share  information of the services/resources available to partners which can be used to support children and families within their locality
  • If the family has an EHA/TAF and non-immediate safeguarding concerns arise that require a referral to Children's Social Care (CSC) the LCSS worker, if in support, will initiate this referral into CSC

No Names Consultations

A No Names Consultation enables professionals to talk through concerns they have for children when there is not an immediate safeguarding concern and where there is no consent from the family.

LCSS operate across the North, Central and South of Oxfordshire – the contact numbers are for all partner agencies in Oxfordshire (including our voluntary/community agencies) not for members of the public use.

Please contact your nearest geographical team during the following times: Monday - Thursday; 8.30am – 5pm, Friday; 8.30am – 4pm.

LCSS North
Tel: 0345 241 2703 
Samuelson House, Tramway Rd, Banbury OX16 5AU 

LCSS Central 
Tel: 0345 241 2705 
Knights Court, Between Towns Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 3LX 

LCSS South 
Tel: 0345 241 2608 
Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3JD 

Advice and support

The LCSS Teams will provide advice and support to professionals on Early Help Assessments (EHA-formerly CAF’s) and Team around the Family (TAFs). They will also be responsible for the storage, reviewing and feedback to professionals on EHAs and TAFs completed.

All EHAs and TAF minutes will need to be sent to your local LCSS team. To find out more about EHA/TAF processes including documents

Community co-ordinators

Community co-ordinators provide ongoing support to community groups running open access children’s services, as part of our Integrated Children's Services.

They also provide links between community provision and children's services.

The role of the community co-ordinators

  • support groups to implement their business plans following the receipt of transition funding from the County Council - turning plans into services for children and families
  • provide advice and tools to enable groups to plan, deliver and evaluate sessions
  • support groups to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures
  • provide information about funding opportunities available to groups interested in establishing services
  • act as a critical friend to groups developing funding bids, in order to strengthen proposals
  • encourage and support the development of networks between community groups, the Family Solutions Service and Locality and Community Support Service
  • provide advice and support to encourage service user involvement in running services
  • signpost community groups to other sources of support
  • be a link between community groups and statutory services, including advising on referral routes into other services
  • work with others to identify emerging needs within communities and work with partners and communities to develop plans to address them